The Egyptians gave the name 'Tjehnyu' to a tribe who occupied part of 'Libya'. Originally, these people may have been of the same race and shared the same culture as the Egyptians who lived in the western Delta, and they perhaps occupied the oases in the western desert. They were closely related to the *Tjemhu, but the Egyptians distinguished between the two tribes. The Tjehnyu are shown in Egyptian scenes and records of Ramesside times wearing the phallus-sheath and a headdress with upright feathers; their hair is worn in a distinctive style, with a large curl hanging down from one side of the head. The Tjehnyu joined the *Meshwesh and *Libu in harrassing the Egyptians in the Delta during the reign of *Ramesses II, and later, they were swept into the conflict between Egypt and the *Sea-peoples.
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